WW 2x2 

End of Turn 1 
Allies 2 
Axis 2 

Turn 2 

Drosinos (Gr) vs Kouroupis Ch (GB)
Chatziplis (It) vs Mpinaris (GB) 
Milioritsas (Gr) vs Kouroupis T (GB)
Fasoulas (It) vs Monos/Pakos (USA) 

The games will be encounters (250pts each side) 
End of turn will be on 23-06-2013



Simetexontes tournoua 
Pakos (USA)
Monos (USA)
Takis (UK) 
Mini Takis (UK) 

Drosinos (Ger)
Milioritsas (Ger) 
Xatziplis (It) 
Fasoulas (It) 

Klirosi protou girou:
Fasoulas - Pakos 
Xatziplis - Takis 
Drosinos - Monos 
Milioritsas - Mini Takis 

TELOS ROUND 26-05-13


WW2x2 Tournament 

On Saturday 11-05-13 our first official tournament using WW2x2 will start.

The tournament is based on the allied push for Caen during the summer of 1944.

It will consist of 4 rounds (one round every 3 weeks) and all allied players will play vs all the Axis players.

The first round will be based on the RF scenario of Hill 112 in Normandy.

Hope all of the players have fun

For info and to register don’t hesitate to contact me at Fasoulasj@yahoo.gr


World War Two

On Saturday 13 April at Strategikon Club of Athens. We are going to play 3 Battles with 6mm and 20mm figures with Shaun's Travers rules set WW2x2. The battles are starting at 10:00 but not so...sharp!


FoG Ancient 2nd Round and Results

Σας παρουσιάζω τα ζευγάρια του 2ου γύρου καθώς και την βαθμολογία μετά την ολοκλήρωση του 1ου!!!

Η λήξη του γύρου είναι στις 28.04.2013 !! Καλά παιχνίδια!!


Warhammer 40k Tournament 16.03.2013

Σας ενημερώνουμε για τα τελικά αποτελέσματα του τουρνουά WH40k που πραγματοποιήθηκε στον σύλλογο μας στις 16.03.2013, τα οποία είναι τα εξής :